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Incentives for Private Sector Participation in the Article 6.4 Mechanism

This discussion paper analyses how to incentivize and facilitate the participation of private entities under Article 6.4.

The CDM Legal Context Post-2020: Discussion Paper

This discussion paper addresses the continuity question for the Clean Development Mechanism post 2020.

Ensuring additionality of mitigation outcomes transferred through Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

This study aims at making a step toward a better understanding of additionality related issues covered by Art. 6.

Tipping the balance

New study on building support for carbon pricing

The policy brief derives some lessons learned and provides recommendations for successful carbon pricing communication.

JIKO Policy Paper 01/2019

Article 6.2 and the Transparency Framework

This JIKO Policy Paper analyses the Katowice outcome regarding its relevance for Article 6.2 and the need for further decisions.

Options for fostering increasing ambition levels under the Article 6.4 mechanism

The report presents four options on how the risks can be addressed and ambition can be increased under Article 6.4.

The Voluntary Carbon Market: What May Be Its Future Role and Potential Contributions to Ambition Raising?

This report explores the future role of the voluntary carbon market and its potential to contribute to raising the ambition of climate policy.

Operationalizing the Share of Proceeds for Article 6

The objective of the study is to provide an analytical background on previous experiences with the SOP under the CDM and current technical options as an input to the political negotiations.

Achieving Overall Mitigation of global emissions under the Article 6.4 mechanism

This report develops recommendations how to implement “overall mitigation in global emissions” (Art. 6.4(d)).

Benchmarks to determine baselines for mitigation action under the Article 6.4 mechanism

This study indicates that most emission sources cannot be covered by global benchmarks.

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