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Carbon Mechanisms Review 02-2020: The Transition Controversy

New CMR on CDM Transition and pricing in the early ITMO market

This Carbon Mechanisms Review analyses the Transition from the Clean Development Mechanism to Art. 6.

Webinar Dokumentation: Reflecting the Dynamics

Baseline setting under a future Art. 6.4 mechanism

This Documentation traces the discussions of the webinar: „Reflecting the Dynamics - Baseline setting under a future Art. 6.4 mechanism” and summarizes its main findings.

Closing the deal on CDM transition

Study explores impact of CDM transition on Africa's CDM portfolio

This study analyses how the African CDM portfolio may be affected by the compromise options for the transition from the CDM towards the Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement.

JIKO Policy Paper 02/2020: How to Kick-Start Article 6.4?

Identifying ways to make the Art. 6.4 mechanism operational

This policy paper examines the operationalisation of the Article 6.4 mechanism.

Climate neutrality targets of European companies and the role of carbon offsetting

This study examines the climate mitigation targets of 44 companies in Europe and the role carbon offsetting plays in achieving the targets.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 01-2020: Business as Usual?

The recent issue of CMR analyses the implications the coronavirus pandemic might have on Art. 6 negotiations.

JIKO Policy Paper 01/2020

Reconciling Pretensions and Reality

This Paper develops a concept for dynamic baselines in order to reflect the progress in climate ambition due to the NDC cycles of the Paris Agreement.

Transitioning elements of the Clean Development Mechanism to the Paris Agreement

This discussion paper assesses how different elements of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) could be used under the Paris Agreement.

Article 6 Corresponding Adjustments

Key accounting challenges for Article 6 transfers of mitigation outcomes

This study aims at making a step toward a better understanding of the several issues covered by Article 6.

JIKO Policy Paper 02/2019

Scaled-up Crediting under Article 6.4

This JIKO Policy Paper analyses the question of what will be needed to make up-scaled approaches under Art. 6.4 possible.

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