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Sharing mitigation outcomes

How should climate benefits under Article 6 be distributed?

Adequately distributing the mitigation outcomes of carbon crediting activities is a key question in the design of an Article 6 cooperation. This Carbon Mechanisms Research paper explores this question by deriving different mitigation outcome sharing approaches from literature. In a second step, it looks at different Article 6 piloting activities to explore whether and how the sharing approaches identified are being implemented in practice. Based on these findings, the authors discuss the implications of the different sharing approaches for the Article 6 strategy of host Parties and provide recommendations on how to integrate these considerations in the ongoing capacity development activities.


Kreibich, N.; Schell, J.; Sharing mitigation outcomes: How should climate benefits under Article 6 be distributed? Carbon Mechanisms Research Policy Paper 01/2023. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy. 27 pp. URL:



Date: April 2023

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