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Article 6 enables states to use international cooperative mechanisms on a voluntary basis in order to raise climate ambition. Over the coming years, the challenge will be to fill these mechanisms with life. Given the experience gained with the Kyoto Protocol’s flexible mechanisms, new rules are needed which take account of the new architecture under the Paris Agreement.

With this in mind, the German Environment Ministry (BMU) promotes a wide range of innovative carbon market research projects and implements diverse market development initiatives in collaboration with various partners. In this section, the results of these BMU-promoted projects are showcased in the form of research papers and studies.  

This includes, for example, projects whose focus lies in shaping the transition of existing climate action projects into the Paris Agreement architecture. BMU also promotes the transfer of successful models like standardised baselines into the new Paris Agreement world. Yet other projects focus on research for and practical testing and piloting of new models and approaches.


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