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(Photo: IISD / Kiara Worth)

First sign of success in completing the Katowice Rule Book

December 2018 - Many countries have begun this year to work across Party groupings on the rules of Article 6. At the start of the climate change negotiations, Colombia on behalf of the Independent Alliance of Latin America and the Caribbean (AILAC) group, Australia, Canada, the EU, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland have submitted a joint position paper to the UNFCCC on key issues concerning the market mechanisms. more

Article 6 Negotiations in Katowice

December 2018 - The Climate Change Conference in Katowice kicked off on Saturday with a so-called Informal Forum on Article 6 (cooperative and market mechanisms). The negotiation text on the table is the outcome of the SBSTA 48 held in Bangkok last September and contains no less than 367 options for consideration and decision. The text is now to be revised in the first week of COP 24, with any further progress being incorporated without delay. more

Time to Decide

New Carbon Mechanisms Review

(Photo: Kattowice by Max Bashyrov / flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0)

Governing Paris Article 6.4

New JIKO Policy Paper on governance options

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COP24 in Katowice

Selected Side Events

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German Federal Ministry for the Environment Carbon Mechanisms Portal

This website provides information on market-based climate policy instruments. It applies to, inter alia, the cooperative approaches of the Paris Agreement, which enable Parties to follow different paths to international-level cooperation.