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Climate neutrality targets of European companies and the role of carbon offsetting

This study examines the climate mitigation targets of 44 companies in Europe and the role carbon offsetting plays in achieving the targets.

JIKO Policy Paper 01/2020

Reconciling Pretensions and Reality

This Paper develops a concept for dynamic baselines in order to reflect the progress in climate ambition due to the NDC cycles of the Paris Agreement.

Transitioning elements of the Clean Development Mechanism to the Paris Agreement

This discussion paper assesses how different elements of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) could be used under the Paris Agreement.

Article 6 Corresponding Adjustments

Key accounting challenges for Article 6 transfers of mitigation outcomes

This study aims at making a step toward a better understanding of the several issues covered by Article 6.

JIKO Policy Paper 02/2019

Scaled-up Crediting under Article 6.4

This JIKO Policy Paper analyses the question of what will be needed to make up-scaled approaches under Art. 6.4 possible.

Carbon pricing and competitiveness: Are they at odds?

OECD Working Paper

The paper reviews ex-post empirical assessments on the impact of carbon pricing on competitiveness in OECD and G20 countries in the electricity and industrial sectors.

Improving Economic Efficiency and Climate Mitigation Outcomes through International Coordination on Carbon Pricing

OECD Working Paper

The paper presents the potential benefits and challenges of enhanced international co-ordination on carbon pricing and outlines the different types and levels of co-ordination that are available for national and sub-national governments.

Lessons learned from the first round of applications by carbon-offsetting programs for eligibility under CORSIA

This paper synthesizes key lessons learned from an assessment of the first 14 applications of carbon-offsetting programs for eligibility under CORSIA.

Host Country Authorizations under Article 6 Paris Agreement: Developments After COP 24 (Katowice)

This briefing note examines the different types of host country approvals necessary for a transaction under Article 6.2 and Article 6.4 Paris Agreement (PA).

Options for fostering a net-zero GHG emission world under the Paris Article 6.4 Mechanism

This discussion paper analyses how the Article 6.4 mechanism may contribute to a net-zero GHG emissions world.

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