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Operationalising 'overall mitigation in global emissions' under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

The study by Lambert Schneider and a team from NewClimate Institute identifies and discusses key options for operationalising the concept of ‘overall mitigation in global emissions’ under Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement.

JIKO Policy Paper 05/2018

Article 6 and the Global Stocktake

The paper explores the relationship between Article 6 and the Global Stocktake (Art. 14) of the Paris Agreement.

Voluntary offset market – Opportunities and challenges for offsetting within the EU

The new study looks at the issues surrounding double counting in the voluntary offset market and sets out proposals for its regulation at national level. Note: This publication is available in German only.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 03-2018: Assembling the Parts

This Carbon Mechanisms Review assesses the status quo in terms of Article 6 and weighs up the crunch issues.

JIKO Policy Paper 04/2018

New Paths to Policy Crediting? Policy-based Cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

This JIKO Policy Paper explores the potential for policy-based cooperation provided by the Paris Agreement.

Potential of the voluntary market for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions in Germany

This report analyses recent developments on the voluntary carbon market in Germany and assesses key traits and potentials of individuals and companies for the offset market.

EB 100

Executive Board improves Standardized Baselines Framework

At its 100th session, the CDM Executive Board improved the rules governing the development of Standardized Baselines (SB).

Crediting Forest-related Mitigation under International Carbon Market Mechanisms

This discussion paper explores what environmental risks could arise if offset credits from forest-related mitigation activities were to be used towards nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and CORSIA, and what options could be pursued to manage such risks. It specifically focuses on risks surrounding environmental integrity as well as environmental and social safeguards.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 02-2018: Paving the Way

This issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review looks at the African continent.

JIKO Policy Paper 03/2018

Positive Results, no Negative Consequences - Do no harm options for Article 6

Policy Paper on options for a safeguard system for Art. 6 Paris Agreement.

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