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Options for a mix of Carbon Pricing Mechanisms in Chile

Series of Booklets – Carbon Pricing Instruments: No. 5

The booklet "Options for a mix of Carbon Pricing Mechanisms in Chile" addresses the question of how policy instruments should be designed and implemented to be mutually supportive and consistent with national policy goals. It discusses these challenges and options in light of Chile's introduction of a carbon tax in 2017, which was a first step in using market mechanisms to transition to carbon neutrality, which the country aims to achieve by 2050.

The Carbon Pricing Instrument Booklet Series explains key aspects of the design, implementation, and development of carbon pricing instruments in Chile. They were developed as part of theGlobal Carbon Market project in Chile, which is helping the national government develop carbon pricing instruments and explore financing mechanisms for climate action.

The English version is available for download on this page. A Spanish version can be accessed here.

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Date: March 2021

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