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COP27 Digest: Moving Towards the Operationalisation of Article-6-Backed Carbon Markets in Africa

The brief explains the outcomes of COP27 in the area of carbon markets and Article 6, with a particular focus on Africa

Governing Corporate Claims

Increasing transparency of climate-related claims


Carbon Mechanisms Review 02-2022: Getting started

Building skills and capacities for Article 6 activities


From Glasgow to the future: How does the COP26 outcome shape tomorrow’s voluntary carbon market

COP 26 in Glasgow adopted the rulebook for Article 6 activities. A recent Carbon Mechanisms Research Paper takes in-depth look at the implications of the Glasgow decisions for the voluntary carbon market segment. The paper further analyses the needs for strategic decisions and alignment with the Art. 6 rulebook for different stakeholders, from activity proponents and suppliers, to Buyers and credit users, host countries as well as private certification standards.

Financing Sustainable Energy Access in African NDCs

The study presents findings on linking climate finance and carbon markets to finance energy infrastructure development in Africa.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 02-2022: Great Expectations

Will the voluntary carbon market rise to the challenge?


Potentials for Offset Approaches in Selected Sectors post 2020

Final report published

The report develops an assessment framework that policy makers can use to determine whether offsets can add value while ensuring the environmental integrity of a compliance system.

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