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COP26 digest: The significance of Article 6 and CDM transition outcomes for Africa

This short study looks at what the outcomes of COP26 mean for global carbon markets, with a focus on African priorities. These include carbon market cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, but also the transition of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to the Article 6.4 mechanism. The study first assesses the agreed rules in light of the negotiating positions of African countries to understand the extent to which these are included in the compromise reached. Second, the study looks to the future and asks to what extent the COP26 decisions are relevant to African interests in carbon market cooperation. The authors conclude that comprehensive capacity building is a key element for the success of Article 6 in Africa to help host countries and carbon market actors prepare to meet the new participation requirements. In addition, the study addresses African priorities in negotiating on open technical aspects in the Article 6 work program. The study was prepared as part of the Climate Finance Innovators project. 

Date: April 2022

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