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Carbon Mechanisms Review 03-2021: Ensuring long-term ambition

Paris-proofing of baseline setting as a means for alignment with the Paris Agreement’s long-term objectives

From the Content:

Ensuring Ambitious Baselines
Baseline approaches under Article 6.4

Taking the long-term Perspective
Baseline Methodologies and Responding the Challenges of Paris

Ambition Coefficients
Aligning baselines for international carbon markets with net zero pathways

Ensuring inclusiveness
New types of capacity building required for a balanced structure in Article 6 markets

A Flightpath for Climate Friendly Aviation?
Europe starts to shift its focus away from carbon markets to regulate airlines

Carbon Mechanisms Review 03-2021. Ensuring long-term ambition. Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie. Wuppertal. URL: 

Date: September 2021

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