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Carbon Pricing

Using Market-based Mechanisms to Mitigate Climate Change

Carbon pricing mechanisms are playing an increasingly important role. They are to be used to put a price on activities that cause emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2). Thus, putting a price on carbon helps the identification and development of cost-effective emission reduction potential.

Market-based climate action mechanisms have been repeatedly enhanced in the course of recent years. Use of carbon pricing mechanisms is advancing apace, with schemes already in operation in South Korea, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa and China. These mechanisms can also be used to increase the climate action role of private sector players. This brochure is designed to provide an overview of the carbon pricing mechanisms already in place and those being introduced. 


Download Information Brochure "Carbon Pricing"


Note: A revised edition of the brochure was published in September 2017.


Only german version availbale. 

Date: May 2016

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