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Carbon Mechanisms Review 03-2023: Driving Green Growth

Africa Climate Summit amplifies region’s voice on carbon markets and climate finance

From the contents: 

Africa Climate Summit: Amplifying Africa’s voice on carbon markets and climate finance
Sven Egbers

“Robust National Frameworks are Key”: Regional Carbon Market experts review the African Climate Summit
with Ousmane Fall Sarr, Isaac Rubayiza and Moubarak Moukaila

The Future of PoAs: Forging ahead - a journey in perspective
Peris Waweru and Stephan Hoch

Overcoming the Challenges: A snapshot of the core challenges facing the VCM, which is becoming the main source of demand for international certificates
Thomas Forth

Mission Impossible: Harvested Wood Products under Article 6
Soyoung Oh, Olivia Wallis, Matthias Honegger and Axel Michaelowa

Sector Transformation: Low-carbon trends of nitric acid industry confirmed at ANNA conference
Emilio Martin Rodriguez and Volker Schmidt


Carbon Mechanisms Review 3-2020. Driving Green Growth. Africa Climate Summit amplifies region's voice on carbon markets and climate finance. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Wuppertal - 123 p., URL:



Date: October 2023

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