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Carbon Mechanisms Review 02-2022: Great Expectations

Will the voluntary carbon market rise to the challenge?

From the contents:

Keeping promises?
The voluntary carbon market is faced with great expectations under uncertain conditions (Nicolas Kreibich)

Underexploited potential
Host countries pick up voluntary carbon markets to finance sustainable development (Adriaan Korthuis and Sanggeet Manirajah)

Scoring Credit Quality
Enhancing the quality of carbon credits through a transparent, user-friendly scoring tool (Lambert Schneider et al.)

Towards readiness
Supporting Article 6 integration in NDCs and NDC implementation plans (Hanna-Mari Ahonen et al.)

Mary Grady and Axel Michaelowa on ways to implement carbon forest standards successfully while at the same time ensuring environmental integrity

Carbon Mechanisms Review 02-2022. Great Expectations. Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie. Wuppertal.

Date: July 2022

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