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New initiative for the promotion of climate protection programmes worldwide

Berlin, 09.12.2008 On behalf of the Federal Environment Ministry, the promotional bank KfW has launched a new support initiative aimed at advancing climate protection activities worldwide, with a special focus on newly industrialising and developing countries. The project ties in with the Programme of Activities (PoA) under the Kyoto Protocol, and aims to identify and reduce small-scale sources of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. The KfW will make the experience gained available to interested countries through a PoA Support Centre, and assist them in the development of suitable climate protection programmes.

A large share of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused directly or indirectly by small-scale sources: in small companies, private households, public areas or traffic. These areas also hold major potential for particularly cost-effective emission reductions, for instance energy efficiency measures, use of renewable energies, switching to other fuels and waste management. Furthermore, in developing countries especially, this kind of micro-activity often contributes to sustainable development. One example is replacing inefficient, harmful wood burners with modern biogas stoves, others include solar-powered warm water supply, the use of energy-saving light bulbs and efficient boilers in small companies, and the energy-saving modernisation of buildings.

The PoA concept was developed in order to tap this very potential. PoAs enable small to medium sized enterprises to make use of market-based incentives under the Kyoto Protocol: the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) andJoint Implementation (JI).

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