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CTI meeting addresses programmatic CDM and JI

November 2008 - From 23 to 25 November 2008, the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) held its annual meeting in Zeuthen near Berlin. This year's meeting focussed on the programmatic JI/CDM approach. The workshop was organised by the German energy agency dena for the Federal Environment Ministry.

The programmatic CDM/JI or Programme of Activities (PoA) approach is to support in particular the implementation of small-scale activities to reduce greenhouse gases which would not be carried out under normal JI /CDM conditions given prohibitively high transaction costs. The programmatic JI/CDM allows for smaller individual activities, such as energy-efficient processes in SMEs, energy-efficient vehicles, buildings, machinery, lighting or household appliances, to be bundled and implemented as CDM or JI projects.

The workshop was attended primarily by the authorities competent for JI and CDM as well as development banks and multipliers in the countries of Eastern Europe, South-East Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Participants not only discussed the theory and the potentials of PoAs but also tried to identify model projects in their home countries.

The Climate Technology Initiative CTI supports the cross-border cooperation by developing and distributing climate-friendly technologies. By hosting these annual capacity-building workshops, Germany has been contributing to the goals and international activities of the CTI since 1999.

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