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New coalition to create political momentum in the run-up to COP26 in Glasgow

Foto: American Public Power Association, Unsplash

Foto: American Public Power Association, Unsplash

November 2020 - A group of countries working together since the preCOP25 in Costa Rica to secure an ambitious outcome on Article 6 have launched a formal coalition to support the negotiations. The group had agreed in 2019 on a set of principles, known as the “San José Principles for High Ambition and Integrity in International Carbon Markets”, that the group regards as the basis upon which a fair and robust carbon market should be built. On October 30, 2020, the group formally launched the San José Principles Coalition at a high level online event hosted by Minister Andrea Meza, of the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica.

The San Jose Principles Coalition advocates for environmental integrity, robust accounting rules, the avoidance of double counting and ambition raising as the basis for Article 6 mechanisms. This marks a clear cut from the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. Given that the finalization of the Article 6 rules is still pending, the Coalition now wants to build up momentum for the negotiations ahead of next year’s UN climate summit in Glasgow. The group of 36 countries joins forces to improve understanding at a technical and political level about creating a robust multilateral framework for international carbon markets.

At the online launch event, Minister Andrea Meza said: “The main objective of the San José Principles Coalition is to build up momentum for Article 6 negotiations on the road to COP26. The San Jose Principles have always been meant to help us fight for the things we care about, in a way that leads others to join us. They will continue to foster thorough political discussions and we will, as a group, determine the best way for them to evolve to help us develop actionable, high-ambition solutions for international carbon markets. This is a call to be a Coalition of the Willing and to enable solutions.”

Germany is committed to this process as one important platform to finalize the implementation rules for the Paris Agreement’s Art. 6 mechanisms. “We are committed to achieving an ambitious rulebook chapter on Article 6 next year in Glasgow which embodies the spirit of the San José Principles. In order to help reaching this objective we will coordinate with the broadest possible spectrum of partners,” said Karsten Sach, Director General at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany.


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