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West African Alliance publishes new reports on Art.6 readiness and stakeholder views


The West African Alliance for Carbon Markets and Climate Finance (WAA) creates a long-term structure for fostering carbon markets and result-based climate finance in West Africa.

At COP27, the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced that they will support expanding the WAA website into a strategic tool for carbon market engagement and capacity building, thus strengthening access to market mechanisms and climate finance opportunities as laid down in the objectives of the Alliance.

The WAA recently developed a series of new reports, which are available for download below.


Article 6 readiness in West Africa: Scoping Study. 

The report supports host countries in navigating the new requirements of the Paris Agreement and jump-start or progress in-country Article 6 readiness, specifically in West Africa. A stock-take of on-going Article 6 activities is undertaken detailing the state of Article 6 readiness in West African countries based on interviews and research to support the identification and assessment of readiness needs. The study creates a bottom-up host country readiness map that outlines the building blocks of national Article 6 implementation.

Download the Scoping Study


Article 6 Readiness Blueprint

The Article 6 Readiness Blueprint explains the requirements of the UNFCCC Article 6 rulebook in an implementation-oriented manner along four Article 6 readiness building blocks:

  1. NDC alignment;
  2. Article 6 policy;
  3. Institutional framework; and
  4. Reporting/tracking.

Member countries of the West African sub-region and beyond can use the Article 6 Readiness Blueprint as a guide and reference document to support the development of national Article 6 strategies for market-based cooperation. The Blueprint will support member countries in mapping stakeholders, understanding and addressing capacity and technical needs for the development of an Article 6 strategy.

Download readiness blueprint


Stakeholder’s Perspective on Carbon and Climate Finance in West Africa: Barriers and Opportunities. 

This report provides a first view of the state of climate & carbon finance in West Africa.

The report study includes:

  • An overview of current flows and administration of climate and carbon finance in West Africa with an assessment of scale and pace of mitigation investments;
  • The barriers hindering effective market participation by project developers in West Africa, including the use of financing instruments for scaling up mitigation investments;
  • The opportunities and ways carbon markets and climate finance can deliver support to West Africa’s climate change mitigation efforts in the context of the Paris Agreement.

The results of this study suggest that barriers to implementing climate change mitigation projects in West Africa generally span four different areas: technical capacity, access to finance, and institutional and political barriers.

Download stakeholder perspectives



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