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Virtueller Workshop: Carbon Border Adjustments and carbon markets – friends or foes?

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unslash

As part of the EU-Green Deal, the European Commission is considering the implementation of Carbon Border Adjustments. Carbon Border Adjustments could be of great importance and may become a game-changer for international climate policy.  
Against this background, the Zurich Carbon Market Association is hosting a virtual workshop on March 17, 2021, where leading experts will discuss various issues related to Carbon Border Adjustments. What are the implications for other climate policy instruments but also for the global carbon market and what is the status of current proposals in the EU and in North America?


  1. Interaction between CBA and emissions trading schemes (Regina Betz, Zurich University of Applied Sciences)
  2. EU Commission’s upcoming CBA proposal and the views of Brussels stakeholders on compromise proposals  (Johanna Lehne, E3G)
  3. North America: A CBA without a carbon price?  (Michael Mehling, MIT)
  4. Key adjustments and exemptions to CBA proposals – which role could international carbon markets play? (Susanne Dröge, SWP Berlin)

Moderation: Axel Michaelowa (Perspectives and University of Zurich)

You can register here for the Workshop.

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