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Revitalizing Eastern Africa’s Institutional Capacity to engage in Global Carbon Markets

Eastern African countries have been actively involved in the Clean Development Mechanism and are preparing for the new generation of carbon markets under the Paris Agreement. Article 6 brings into play new factors to take into consideration around institutional, infrastructure and legal frameworks. The member countries of the Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance have expressed strong interest to take part in these new mechanisms however the delay in an agreement on Article 6 presents risks in undertaking some of the decisions around institutional capacity at the moment.

This session will unpack the findings from an assessment on institutional structures, capacity and infrastructure undertaken in all seven member countries of the Alliance (Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda). Institutions and capacities will need to be updated to meet the requirements for cooperative approaches and the mechanism under 6.4. Proper Reporting and accounting will be crucial as environmental integrity and capturing sustainable development is important to the members. Further to this, understanding and developing procedures for linkage with NDC reporting will be necessary.

This session is organized by the Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance.

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