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KliK Webinar on Blueprints for Article 6 activities

“The Paris Agreement is not the CDM”: this is a statement frequently made to empha­sise the diffe­rence between the two regimes with respect to their requi­re­ments for mitiga­tion activities. Under the Paris Agreement, all countries committed to their own, natio­nally deter­mined contri­bu­tions to the global fight against climate change: as a conse­quence, the base­lines of mitiga­tion activities under Article 6 must be care­fully reviewed in order not to compete with or du­pli­cate domestic climate change policy me­asures. If this cannot be ensured, there is a risk of overselling, inco­herent policy me­asures and even (despite corre­sponding adjust­ments) impaired envi­ron­mental inte­grity. This explains why mitiga­tion activities under Article 6 will be funda­men­tally different from mitiga­tion activities under the CDM. But what consti­tutes a mitiga­tion activity speci­fi­cally workable under Article 6?

This webinar showcases specific mitiga­tion activities setups that comply to a high degree with the requi­re­ments of an Article 6 transaction. It draws upon imple­mented pilot activities, proposals submitted to the KliK Founda­tion, and more import­antly concrete activities deve­loped with a view to autho­ri­sa­tion under a bila­teral agreement.

Further Information: KliK Foundation

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