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Joint roundtable - The IMF proposal for an international carbon price floor: a quantitative analysis

The ERCST (European Roudntable on Climate CHange and Sustainable Transition) invites you to a discussion in virtual space on 09 March 2022. Among other things, the discussion will focus on the following aspects:

  • How could an international carbon price agreement be designed and implemented and what would be its economic and environmental impacts?
  • How can the proposals in the Fit for 55 package promote an international carbon price floor?
  • How can the CBAM encourage more countries to adopt market-based carbon pricing ETS systems that are consistent with the international carbon price floor?
  • The need for an accompanying financial mechanism to use the revenues generated to support low-income countries to gradually increase the carbon price and reach a net-zero mark by 2050, as required to meet global climate goals.
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More information and registration here.

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