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Integration of PoAs in Article 6.4

Photo: World Bank Group

Programmatic Approaches (PoAs) that have already been successfully applied under the CDM could also be implemented under Article 6.4. In particular, PoA approaches could provide an important link between NDC-based national projects and additional applications of market mechanisms under Article 6. Against this background, the Foundation ‘Future of the Carbon Market’ supported a series of studies to evaluate which elements from CDM-based PoAs can continue to be applied and what stakeholders' expectations are for the future use of these approaches. The ,,PoA Mapping and Reporting'' studies provide the starting point on how the existing programmatic approaches can be transferred into the new carbon market activities. The Foundation plans to present the study results in the run-up to the SB58 meetings in June and to invite interested stakeholders to a dialogue during SB58 to discuss further possible activities. The reports are available for download below.


You can find the studies here 

PoA Mapping and Reporting 
Evaluation of Country Interviews
Critical Analysis and Recommendations 


Date: april 2023

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