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IETA Event: Rewilding the Planet - Can Carbon Markets Help Solve the Finance Gap for NCS?

[Translate to English:] Photo: Pixabay

[Translate to English:] Photo: Pixabay

This IETA webinar will explore why there is a growing interest from the private sector in Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) and how it can be realised. NCS could serve as a catalyst for delivering private finance to mitigation activities that help countries reduce their emissions while creating new jobs in rural areas. The session will discuss these opportunities and benefits for countries looking to integrate NCS into their carbon pricing systems. Participants will hear from financiers on what they are looking for to enable large scale investment and from governments on what action they are taking to incentivise and support non-state actor financing of NCS. The session will conclude with thoughts on what actions can be taken forward by business and governments in partnership to further harness the private sector’s interest in NCS.

Further information: IETA website

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