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I4C Workshop: Article 6 of the Paris Agreement in Africa

Photo: I4C

Photo: I4C

With the recent finalisation of the Article 6 rule book, opportunities have arisen for the private sector to continue to meaningfully participate in a new generation of carbon markets. Private actors have and are contributing to the finance flows for various carbon market projects and facilitated technology development and transfer. They have also played significant roles in enabling infrastructural development that have all contributed positively to mitigating climate change.

This event will raise awareness on the key aspects of the Article 6 decisions relevant toearly private sector participation, share experiences and lessons from project developersand explore how financial institutions are supporting carbon market activities.

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Moubarak Mukalia, Project Funding Manager West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance BOAD

Clarice Wambua, Partner Cliff Dekker Hofmeyr

Virginia Echavarria, Managing Director Simoshi

Mamadou Saliou Sow, Managing Director Africa Ren Operations



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