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SBSTA-Expertendialog zu Artikel 6: Financing for adaptation/Share of Proceeds

Photo by Mathias Reding on Unsplash

This expert dialogue discusses the issue of how to design the Share of Proceeds, an international tax on market-based activities that has in the past also been used to finance adaptation measures.

The objective of the informal SBSTA expert dialogues is to provide experts from States Parties with the opportunity to discuss outstanding issues related to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement during the period from April to August 2021. After each Expert Dialogue, a non-paper will be produced summarizing the discussions and the relevant contributions made by States Parties.

Each Expert Dialogue will include a three-hour discussion among States Parties led by facilitators who will use guiding questions to support focused discussions. The guiding questions for each expert dialogue will be made available one week prior to the discussions.

For more information, visit the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) website.

Guiding questions for the SBSTA dialogue on the topic „Financing for adaptation/Share of Proceeds (Article 6.2 and Article 6.4)”

  • For delivery of a share of proceeds for adaptation to the Adaptation Fund from the mechanism, should we refine the approach used for the CDM per the third Presidency text at COP25, and if so, how, or are there other approaches that may work more effectively?
  • In relation to cooperative approaches, what could be the design that could recognize that cooperative approaches will not necessarily lead to transferable units? What degree of encouragement/requirement and transparency?

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