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Ensuring transparency of Article 6 cooperation

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

This workshop, which is being held as part of the Carbon Market Mechanisms Working Group  will discuss robust reporting, accounting, and verification processes to ensure improved transparency of international market-based collaboration and secure transactions of internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMOs).

The CMM WG provides a platform for dialogue, enabling the exchange of experiences and coordination of activities to support the role of programmatic and large-scale activities.


Welcoming remarks and introduction to the agenda

Thomas Forth, Federal Ministry for the Environment Germany (BMU) and

Axel Michaelowa, Perspectives Climate Research

Sneak peek: Upcoming discussion paper on ensuring transparency of Article 6 cooperation

Aglaja Espelage, PCR

Juliana Kessler, PCR

Accounting and reporting obligations of Parties under Article 6: Identifying issues and process enhancement potential

Input by Temuulen Murun, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

Discussion with participants

Designing efficient review processes under Article 6 and the link to the Article 13 technical expert review

Input by Amy Steen, UNFCCC Secretariat

Discussion with participants

Institutional arrangement and infrastructure needs for Article 6 reporting and tracking

Input by Rachel Boti-Douayoua, Regional Coordinator of the “West Africa Climate MRV Systems” programme

Discussion with participants

The need for aligning Article 6 and 13 negotiations regarding reporting and review processes

Input by Anke Herold, Oeko-Institut e.V.

Discussion with participants


Register here.

You are also invited to participate in the current survey on “Transparency, accounting and oversight under Article 6”. The results of this survey will be included in a discussion paper on the same topic.




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