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BMU Side Event: Buyer and Seller Perspectives: Challenges and Opportunities for the Voluntary Carbon Market

Source: IETA

1:30pm - 3pm (GMT) | 2:30pm - 4pm (CET) 

How can companies credibly claim so-called “Carbon Neutrality”? How can we ensure high quality of carbon credits? For the Voluntary Carbon Market to drive overall climate ambition in the Paris era companies need to make credible use of carbon credits in their net-zero transition. A diverse panel of stakeholders will address these questions, challenges and opportunities from both buyer and seller perspectives.


Moderation by Malin Ahlberg, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany (BMU) 

Setting the Scene – Governing the Voluntary Carbon Market: How initiatives shape the future of the voluntary carbon market
•    Wuppertal Institute – Nicolas Kreibich, Senior Researcher 

The Demand Side - Going beyond “Offsetting”: Ensuring credible use of credits in companies’ net-zero transition 
•    Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) – Mark Kenber, Interim Co-Executive Director
•    Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) –Juliette de Grandpre, Senior Policy advisor 
•    Gold Standard Foundation – Hugh Salway, Head of Environmental Market 

The Supply Side - Ensuring high quality of credits: The seller’s country perspective on opportunities and challenges of the voluntary carbon market     
•    Eastern Africa Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance – Bianca Gichangi, Coordinator 
•    Coordinator of the West African Alliance on Carbon Markets and Climate Finance – Ousmane Fall Sarr, Coordinator

Questions & Answers 
•    Moderated by Malin Ahlberg (BMU)


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