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Progressing Sustainable Development Provisions in Art. 6 Paris Agreement

Source: Gold Standard and UNEP DTU

Source: Gold Standard and UNEP DTU

How can Article 6 of the Paris Agreement maximise its impact and contribute to the global development agenda? In this event organized by Gold Standard and UNEP DTU carbon market leaders will present best practices and innovative ways to use climate action to deliver SDG impact. 



Introducing the Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI) 

Karen Holm Olsen, UNEP-DTU

Views on SD provisions in the Art. 6 rulebook drafts

Sven Braden, SDI

Corporate sustainability reporting in context of SDGs - relevance to MRV of Article 6?

Hanna Thorsteinsdottir, UNEP 

Reflections on Art. 6 negotiations at COP25

Juan Pedro Searle, Chile, COP Presidency 

Art. 6 negotiations ahead of COP26 in Glasgow

David Hynes, UK, Presidency of COP26



Owen Hewlett, Gold Standard Foundation


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