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Three speakers at a conference
(Photo: IISD/ENB)

Historically, the flexible mechanisms were defined and developed at the international level, under the auspices of the UNFCCC. Currently, more and more carbon markets are being developed unilaterally by some countries or in collaboration with other countries, but outside of the UN framework.

Article 6 and the Global Stocktake

November 2018 - The Global Stocktake and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement are both supposed to support the raising of ambition of global climate action. Yet, thus far the two elements of the Paris Agreement have been discussed mostly in relative iso-lation from each other. A new JIKO Policy Paper aims to change this. more

Host Country Authorizations under Article 6

October 2018 - A new briefing note examines the different types of host country approvals necessary for transactions under Articles 6.2 and 6.4 of the Paris Agreement. Building on the experience with mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol, it discusses the various scopes of authorization and contextualizes the Article 6 instruments with respect to their position under the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of the host country and the investor country. more

CMR 3-2018: Assembling the Parts

October 2018 – With the UNFCCC negotiations on the Paris Agreement Work Programme entering a decisive phase, the Carbon Mechanisms Review in its latest edition assesses the status quo in terms of Article 6 negotiations and weighs up the crunch issues. The CMR also looks at the future of the CDM and evaluate options for its transition to the 'Paris world'. more

New Report Explores Voluntary Carbon Market Potential in Germany

September 2018 -Voluntary carbon offsets can play a role in promoting private sector efforts to protect the climate. A new report commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) analyses recent developments on the voluntary carbon market in Germany and assesses the key traits needed by and the potential for individuals and companies to participate in the offset market. more