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JIKO Policy Paper 01/2013

Prerequisits for Ambitious New Market Mechanisms

New Market Mechanisms (NMM) are meant to contribute to net mitigation effects beyond offsetting. Currently, several institutions are supporting the development of pilot projects for new market mechanisms.

Carbon Mechanisms Review

Special Issue Carbon Expo 2013

This special issue of Carbon Mechanisms Review is published on the occasion of the Carbon Expo 2013 Trade Fair in Barcelona.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 1-2013

The Long Road to 2015

The second Kyoto period is here – with few players and low targets. Emission trading schemes are multiplying worldwide – and the flagship EU ETS is in crisis.

Summary of Key Outcomes

Integrating Africa's Least Developed Countries into the Global Carbon Market

This report summarizes key outcomes of a BMU-funded two-year research project on the region's CDM project potential, the obstacles and barriers, and possible solution strategies that go beyond traditional capacity building efforts.

JIKO Policy Paper 06/2012

Promoting Sustainable Development in New Market Mechanisms – Options and Limitations

Several Parties (including the EU) as well as NGOs have demanded that new market mechanisms (NMM) should be designed in a way to explicitly support sustainable development (SD).

Prospects for CDM in Post 2012 Carbon Markets

Discussion paper by Deutsche Emissionshandelsstelle (DEHSt) on offsetting schemes in Japan, Australia, California und South Korea

JIKO Info 04-2012

Focus: New Market Mechanisms – From Theory to Pilot Programmes

JIKO Info informs readers about current trends involving the Kyoto Protocol's CDM and JI mechanisms. It is published by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy on behalf of the German Environment Ministry. In contrast to other newsletters, it focuses on state-run initiatives and projects, and on the institutional infrastructures which allow CDM/JI activities. The JIKO newsletter appears quarterly in German and English.

JIKO Policy Paper 04/2012

City-Wide Programmes of Activities – An Option for Significant Emission Reductions in Cities?

This paper analyses whether city-wide approaches to carbon finance under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) are a viable option for significant emission reductions in cities.

Potential for standardised baselines for least developed countries

The short study looks at the role of standardised baselines for the CDM in least developed countries (LDCs), which have so far been under-represented in the CDM.

Carbon REFIT

Case Study

This short study outlines a carbon renewable energy feed-in tariff (carbon REFIT) based on the standardised baseline for the Southern African Power Pool.

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