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Carbon Mechanisms Review 3-2014

Net Means More - How a net decrease in emissions helps mitigate climate change

Preparations for the next UN climate change summit in Lima are well under way. Although the EU is proposing a 2030 emissions reduction target, there are signs that the sum of all proposals together will not be enough to adhere to the two degree limit.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 2-2014

The Next Level: How a reformed carbon market can contribute to fighting climate change.

It will take another 1.5 years to agree on the architecture of the future climate regime, and the negotiators have a lot of work ahead of them.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 1-2014

Arguing the point: Should JI be abandoned?

What is the latest on the international climate change regime? What needs to happen and what must be done differently for the negotiations to pick up speed? These muchdebated questions are the focus of this Carbon Mechanisms Review (CMR).

Carbon Mechanisms Review 4-2013

Still on Hold - No progress on market mechanisms at Warsaw Climate Conference

Just like last year’s meeting in Doha, this conference did not yield groundbreaking results.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 3-2013

New Markets Ahead?

In this issue of Carbon Mechanisms Review, we present to you an analysis on the offsetting provisions of the most advanced emissions trading systems worldwide.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 2-2013

Opportunity versus Odyssey

This issue of Carbon Mechanisms Review shines the spotlight on forestry projects and the carbon market.

Carbon Mechanisms Review

Special Issue Carbon Expo 2013

This special issue of Carbon Mechanisms Review is published on the occasion of the Carbon Expo 2013 Trade Fair in Barcelona.

Carbon Mechanisms Review 1-2013

The Long Road to 2015

The second Kyoto period is here – with few players and low targets. Emission trading schemes are multiplying worldwide – and the flagship EU ETS is in crisis.

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