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Meeting Reports


On behalf of the German Environmental Ministry (BMU), the Wuppertal Institute regularly observes the meetings of the CDM Executive Board (CDM EB) and the JI Supervisory Committee (JISC). The observers summarize the most important discussions and results in the form of concise reports. The reports are published shortly after the respective meetings on this web page.

Networking Meeting on Emissions Reduction in China’s Waste Management Sector

May 2019 - In China, there exists huge potential for greenhouse gas reductions in the waste management sector. Especially conventional waste treatment methods, such as landfills and incineration, need to be further improved. In recognition of these challenges, the Chinese government has included emissions from the waste treatment sector into its emissions trading pilot schemes, in regions such as Beijing, Guangdong and Chongqing (launched between 2013–2014). In light of these developments, the AHK Greater Beijing held a networking meeting to inform the participants how these measures can contribute to sustainable waste management and achievement of China’s climate targets. more

EB 100 improves Standardized Baselines Framework

At its 100th session, the CDM Executive Board improved the rules governing the development of Standardized Baselines (SB). The Board revised the standard “Determining coverage of data and validity of standardized baselines” as well as the SB procedure. The Board also discussed positive lists of technologies, abolish the existing two-step procedure for crediting period renewal for individual projects as well as a tool designed to help DNAs in developing standardized baselines in the building sector. more

EB elects new chair, approves bicycle methodology

At EB 98, the Board elected Arthur Rolle, Bahamas, as Chair and Piotr Dombrowicki, Poland, as Vice Chair. The Board approved its Workplan for 2018 with little debate. Furthermore, at EB 99, the Board approved a methodology to promote use of bicycles and tricycles in public transport systems. more

EB 97 discusses methodologies and tools for the biomass sector

This 97th EB meeting discussed a comprehensive set of methodologies and tools for the biomass sector, and approved a new tool for use in calculating the fraction of non-renewable biomass. When revising the methodologies, the Board also discussed the consolidated methodology N2O abatement from nitric acid production. In a closed session, the EB approved its Business and Management Plan 2018. more

EB 96 makes a decision on tools to demonstrate additionality

At its 96th meeting, the Board revisited the tools to demonstrate additionality. Despite the intense criticism expressed the Board decided that use of the tools should continue unchanged. Further topics were among others Guidelines to develop sector-specific standardized baselines, adjustments to the CDM Project Cycle Procedures as well as the process of digitalisation of Project Design Documents (PDDs). more

EB 95 discusses options for CDM use

At its 95th meeting, the CDM Executive Board discussed a range of options for using the CDM, among them use of CERs in national schemes (ETS and carbon tax) and in international aviation, and also use of the CDM infrastructure in connection with results-based finance. Other issues covered at the meeting included digitalisation of CDM procedures, merging the Methodologies Panel and the Small-Scale Work Group, and improving the Sustainable Development Tool. more

JISC 40 Elects Chair and Approves Managment Plan

The 40th meeting of the JI Supervisory Committee (JISC) brought out Albert Williams and Ghergita Nicodim as new chair and vice-chair, respectively. The meeting also saw the adoption of the management plan for 2018-2019. The JISC will mainly promote visibility of the lessons learned from JI activities. The JISC will thus make use of opportunities for input in the development process of the Article 6 rulebook. All further JISC decisions to be taken in 2017 will be made via electronic means. more

EB 94 decides on further reform steps

At its 94th meeting, the CDM Executive Board set out the reformed support structure. The new Methodologies Panel is to be compiled in such a way that expertise from the former Meth Panel and the Small Scale Working Group is represented. The Secretariat will adjust the relevant procedures and documents in time for the next meeting. The new Methodologies Panel will meet for the first time in September. EB Board-supported initiatives for use of the CDM are bearing fruit: two landfill gas projects that had been stopped in Colombia are now able to continue, in part thanks to crowd funding. more

EB 93 Approves Comprehensive Guideline Reform

At its 93th meeting the CDM Executive Board approved a comprehensive package of documents on streamlining the registration and issuance process of the CDM. At the request of the CMP, the rules for individual projects and PoAs had been split into two separate sets of rules, giving rise to two new versions each of the Project Standard (PS), the Project Cycle Procedure (PCP) and the Validation and Verification Manual (VVS). Furthermore, the Voluntary cancellation (VC) of CERs is to be promoted by means of a broad-based campaign. more

EB 92 decides not to develop methodologies in the agricultural sector

At its 92th meeting, the CDM Executive Board considered the Secretariat’s proposals to introduce methodologies in the agricultural sector, but decided not to develop top-down methodologies in this particular field. In addition, the Secretariat presented its initial analysis on how the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol affects current CDM project activities. Furthermore, the Board adopted its Management Plan for 2017. more