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Carbon Pricing

Using Market-based Mechanisms to Mitigate Climate Change

With the adoption of Article 6 as part of the Paris Agreement, Parties have laid the foundation for the international use of market-based instruments from 2020 and beyond. At the same time, carbon pricing initiatives are being pursued at national and sub-national: some 20 countries now have carbon tax programmes in place. Emissions trading schemes have been introduced in 36 national jurisdictions.

Germany is actively involved in the technical design of these international climate change mitigation instruments and is driving the dynamic development of price-based instruments at government level. This brochure provides an overview of the various carbon pricing approaches, explains how they work and describes their current state of development.

Download Information Brochure "Carbon Pricing"


Note: The brochure is an updated edition of the 2016 brochure.


Date: September 2017

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