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JIKO Policy Paper 05/2018

Article 6 and the Global Stocktake

The paper explores the relationship between Article 6 and the Global Stocktake (Art. 14) of the Paris Agreement, both of which shall contribute to a raising of ambition over time. The paper does so firstly by analysing cross-references from the two Articles to other elements of the Paris Agreement and vice-versa.

The Paper furthermore introduces four functions of the Global Stocktake – a pacemaker, ensurer of accountability, enhancer of ambition and provider of guidance and signal – and discusses how Article 6 and corresponding cooperative activities could support (or undermine) these functions.

The Paper concludes by recommending that a strong exchange process between the Global Stocktake and Article 6 be established. This would not only be of utmost importance to allow for the Global Stocktake to properly perform its functions (in particular its accountability function), but could also assist the development of Article 6 activities.

Hermwille, L., Kreibich, N.: Article 6 and the Global Stocktake. JIKO Policy Paper 05/2018. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Wuppertal  – 24 p., 3 figures. URL:

Date: November 2018
Type: Policy Paper