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Carbon Mechanisms Review 03-2017: Writing the Paris Rulebook

 From the contents:

  • Guardrails for the Paris Mechanisms
    Operationalizing Article 6 and generating carbon market credibility
  • “A New Way of Financing Technologies for Africa”
    Gareth Philips, the initiator of the “Adaptation Benefit Mechanism” on the demand for adaptation units, the CDM’s failures, and how to demonstrate certifiable adaptation project results
  • A Ton is a Ton that is Compatible with the Paris Agreement
    Environmental integrity on the way from Kyoto to Paris
  • On the Rise?
    What will be the future demand for offsets from the aviation sector and how will aviation emissions be treated under the EU ETS in the future?
  • Stumbling Blocks on the Way to Application
    The relevance of baseline setting, Monitoring and Homogenous NDC Formulation for Cooperative Approaches under the Paris Agreement


Carbon Mechanisms Review 3-2017. Writing the Paris Rulebook - Principles and guardrails to keep things in check. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Wuppertal - 31 p., 3 figures. URL:


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Date: September 2017
Type: Carbon Mechanisms Review