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JIKO Policy Paper 01/2007

The Sectoral CDM – A Contribution from a Sustainable Transport Perspective

While the project portfolio of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is expanding rapidly, the transport sector has so far played a rather minor role. In order to better understand why there are so few transport projects under the CDM, this paper examines current transport projects under the CDM framework and identifies potential barriers specific to the transport sector – for example, the high complexity of transport projects, which renders methodology development difficult. In addition, this paper explores the extent to which and what kind of sectoral approaches to the CDM may provide a better framework for transport projects. We conclude that it is possible to design sectoral transport activities within clear project boundaries that fit into a framework of a programmatic or policy-based CDM. Although we are able to ascertain that transport policy research yields several modelling tools to address the methodological requirements of the CDM, sectoral approaches will only compound transport projects’ problems regarding high complexity and related uncertainties. The CDM may therefore need new rules to manage these risks.

Dalkmann, H., Sterk, W., Bongardt, D., Wittneben, B., Baatz, C.: The Sectoral Clean Development Mechanism – A Contribution from a Sustainable Transport Perspective. JIKO Policy Paper 01/2007. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Wuppertal - 38 pages, 1 figures, 3 tables.

Date: February 2007
Type: Policy Paper