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Reforming the CDM SD Tool

Recommendations for improvement

The CDM has already been criticized that its contribution to sustainable development is underdeveloped. Currently, the SD tool in its current form still faces a number of weaknesses that limit its usefulness for meaningful assessment of the impacts on Sustainable Development a CDM project may have.

In order to identify such possible shortcomings and to make structured recommendations on how to improve the EB‘s SD tool, the German Enviroment Agency (UBA) tasked the Wuppertal Institute and UNEP DTU Partnership (formerly UNEP Risoe Center) with conducting the research project „Evaluation and development of recommendations on the CDM EB’s sustainable development tool including the sustainability requirements of other flexible mechanisms“.

This report (work package 3) synthesizes the outcomes of the preceding work packages (WP 1, cp. Arens et al. 2014 and WP 2, cp. Olsen, Fenhann et al. 2015), with an aim to discuss and propose politically feasible options for further development of the EB’s SD tool. Recommendations are drawn up on how to enhance the tool and on how to strengthen SD assessment of CDM projects in general, with a view to impact ongoing and future SD considerations beyond CDM, on a global level.


Arens, C., Mersmann, F., Beuermann, C., Rudolph, F., Olsen, K., Bakhtiari, F., Hinostroza, M. Fenhann, J.: Reforming the CDM SD Tool- Recommendations for improvement. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy & UNEP DTU Partnership. Wuppertal/Copenhagen - 24 p., 4 tables.

Date: August 2015
Type: Study