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JIKO Policy Brief 02/2015

Financing Additional Emission Reductions: What Can Be Learned from the CDM?

Many have hoped that the CDM’s Additionality, if applied to the wider climate finance domain, can contribute to standardizing the funding criteria. A new JIKO Policy Brief therefore explore options of applying the CDM's to do just that. The authors highlight issues of environmental system integrity and efficient allocation of funding, and discuss potential limits of the CDM's Additionality concept in its current form, if applied to climate finance.

The prospects are limited, because a clear attribution of emission reductions is almost impossible in a system that does not have as well-defined borders as the zero-sum-game of tradable emission reductions under a capped environment.The authors propose some inroutes to adapting the current approach to Additionality in this context, and pose a number of questions that can help to further discuss and refine the CDM's Additionality concept to make it better applicable for a future, globally inclusive climate regime.

Hermwille, L., Mersmann, F.: Financing Additional Emission Reductions. What Can Be Learned from the CDM. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Wuppertal - 22 p., 2 figures. URL:

Date: May 2015
Type: Policy Brief