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JIKO Info 03-2009

The environmental integrity of CDM and JI

JIKO Info informs readers about current trends involving the Kyoto Protocol’s CDM and JI mechanisms. It is published by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy on behalf of the German Environment Ministry. In contrast to other newsletters, it focuses on state-run initiatives and projects, and on the institutional infrastructures which allow CDM/JI activities. The JIKO newsletter appears quarterly in German and English.


  • "Serious Shortcomings in Project Evaluation" - New study ranks DOEs
  • New Accreditation Rules to Improve Quality of Project Evaluations
  • Gold Standard on Expansion Course
  • New Initiative Monitors CDM Sustainability - CDM Watch (re-)founded
  • PoAs and Adapted CDM Methodologies Allow More Projects in Less-Developed Countries
  • Upholding Environmental Integrity and Securing Production Sites - N2O Methodologies

Date: July 2009
Type: JIKO Info