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Carbon Mechanisms Review 1-2013

The Long Road to 2015


  • The Carbon Market: Which Way Forward?
    Essentials on Cooperation with Developing Countries
  • House Cleaning in Doha
    UN Climate Summit delivers second life for Kyoto but no deal to revive carbon market
  • Smallest Common Denominator
    CDM Negotiations in Doha End with Minimum Consensus, JI Mechanism to Undergo Reform
  • Arguing the point:
    Should large-scale power projects be excluded from the CDM?
  • Bikin Tiger JI Project:
    A new approach to forest protection
  • Milestone
    Cross-Border, Open Access and Fair Trade: The innovative PoA – “Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa”

Carbon Mechanisms Review 1-2013: The Long Road to 2015 - UN Climate Summit Delivers Second Life for Kyoto but no Deal to Revive Carbon Market. Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Wuppertal - 24 p.

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Date: February 2013
Type: Carbon Mechanisms Review