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Carbon Mechanisms Review

Specialist Magazine

Carbon Mechanisms Review (CMR) is a specialist magazine on CDM/JI and new market mechanisms. The magazine is published by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy on behalf of the German Environment Ministry.

Carbon Mechanisms Review critically appraises developments on the Carbon Markets and contributes to the debate with analysis, opinion articles and backgrounders. The focus is not restricted to CDM/JI and other project-based approaches such as Japan’s bilateral offsetting mechanism. Further topics include the new market mechanisms, (market-based elements of) nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), and emission trading schemes worldwide. This is covered with a blend of editorial articles and guest contributions from highly regarded authors in the subject area.

CMR appears quarterly and can be obtained free of charge.

CMR Innovate4Climate Special 2018

May 2018 – On the occasion of the ‚Innovate4Climate 2018’, the Carbon Mechanisms Review team has produced a special issue. The topics discussed include how synergies between the CDM and the Green Climate Fund can be leveraged, the latest developments on the NACAG initiative and the presentation of a new tool which aims at quantifying significant SDG impacts of NDC actions. The issue is now available for download. more

CMR 1-2018: Rethinking Additionality

March 2018 – The latest Carbon Mechanism Review discusses the challenges posed by the architecture of the Paris Agreement for the concept of additionality and presents two in-depth analyses. The issue is now avaiable for download. more

CMR 4-2017: Breakthrough in Bonn?

November 2017 – This issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review takes an outlook on the Article 6 negotiations at COP 23 in Bonn and analyses ways how to make progress, with a special emphasis on Article 6.4, as this is with the development of rules, modalities and procedures the most comprehensive product is to be developed. more

CMR 3-2017: Writing the Paris Rulebook – Principles and guardrails to keep things in check

September 2017 – This Carbon Mechanisms Review covers an analysis on central ingredients of the Article 6 section of the Paris rulebook. Moreover, a potential case for non-market approaches is presented: the ABM. Other articles cover new challenges for the environmental integrity under Art. 6, possible stumbling blocks on the way to implementing cooperative actions, as well as a review of the future demand for offsets from the aviation sector. more

CMR 2-2017: Pulling together – Public and private finance for climate change mitigation

May 2017 – This ‚Innovate4Climate’ special issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review covers both carbon markets and climate finance topics, featuring, inter alia, an interview with Karsten Sach, member of the GCF Board, giving his views on the status of the fund, the interdependencies with the CDM, and the interplay with NDCs. The issue also presents four short opinion pieces on the future of the voluntary carbon market. more

CMR 1-2017: Wanted: Real Progress

February 2017 - This issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review analyses the outcomes of the Marrakech climate summit and looks at the Carbon Market negotiations ahead. Also in this issue, the possible transition of CDM activities, credits, rules and institutions to the Paris Agreement architecture is analysed. The issue also features, among other things, the situation concerning the voluntary carbon market under the new Paris architecture as well as an initiative to set up a regional carbon pricing scheme in the Caribbean. more

CMR 4-2016: Confrontation or Convergence?

November 2016 - This issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review looks at the Parties' proposals for the rulebook of Art. 6 Paris Agreement. The contributors to this Review also report, among other things, on how the CDM can be meaningfully used for results-based finance and what progress the idea of a possible EU-internal project mechanism has made. Furthermore,  two commentaries on the recent aviation emissions deal are presented. more

CMR 3-2016: From Kyoto to Paris

September 2016 - The latest issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review features a number of articles on initiatives paving the way for the transition of the market mechanisms of the Kyoto world into the new Paris framework. This holds especially true for the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group initiative (NACAG), launched by Germany at the Paris climate summit, which is presented in the cover feature of the issue. Further, on the occasion of the 39th ICAO assembly which is to decide on the organisation’s global market-based mechanism, an analysis on provisions to avoid double counting in ICAO’s offsetting mechanism is presented. more

CMR 2-2016: Towards Implementation

This issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review deals with the implementation period of the Paris Agreement ahead. The authors take up the results of the intercessional meeting in Bonn in May and look at the tasks ahead on the road to Marrakech. They also take a renewed look at the question of sustainable development benefits, which has been given greater emphasis in Article 6. Further, they explore ways for the Green Climate Fund to make use of the CDM and report on the support needs of Parties when combining the use of market mechanisms with NDCs. more

CMR 1-2016: The Dawning of a New Era

April 2016 - To the surprise of many, the negotiations at the Paris Climate Summit ended with a general agreement on the use of international cooperation mechanisms, enshrined in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (PA). While not explicitly mentioning Carbon Markets, Article 6 enables market-based approaches in several ways, covering the needs of all Parties in engaging in international cooperation. One distinct new feature is that the cooperative approaches are open to all Parties for use on a voluntary basis. This issue of the Carbon Mechanisms Review describes and analyses the Paris outcome with respect to its Carbon Market provisions. more