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I4C Webinar on Ambition Raising through Carbon Offsetting

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

How to raise ambition through carbon offsetting? Lessons learned and post-2020 prospects

To stay within the temperature limits established by the Paris Agreement, Parties must urgently raise their mitigation ambition. Building on recent research findings and the San Jose Principles for High Ambition and Integrity in International Carbon Markets, the webinar will showcase how offsets have impacted climate policies in the past and explore how to make offsets an effective and efficient climate policy tool post-2020. This is based on a joint research program sponsored by the German Environment Agency and executed by Wuppertal Institute and South Pole.

Panelists will discuss the potential benefits of offsets as well as their risks within the framework of domestic and international offsetting schemes, particularly in consideration of the dynamic nature of the Paris Agreement and its long-term mitigation goals. Policymakers and stakeholders from developing and developed countries will share their view on the role offsets may play for achieving current and future mitigation goals in their respective jurisdictions.


  • Maria Carvalho, South Pole
  • Nicolas Kreibich, Wuppertal Institute
  • Beatriz Yordi, European Commission
  • Felipe de Leon Denegri, Costa Rica
  • Judy Meltzer, Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada

Further Information and Registration:Innovate4Climate

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