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Webinar discusses options to deal with overselling risk

Photo by Unsplashed

Photo by Unsplashed

September 2020 - To ensure environmental integrity, the Paris Agreement requires Parties to avoid double counting of mitigation outcomes, by applying “corresponding adjustments” (CAs) for any transferred mitigation outcomes. A major concern of prospective transferring countries under Article 6 is the risk that participation in cooperative approaches and these corresponding adjustments could compromise achieving their NDC, due to “overselling” emission reductions. Against this background, a recent report by Carbon Limits presents options to address the risk of selling low-cost mitigation outcomes (MOs), which could compromise NDC achievement if remaining mitigation opportunities turn out to be too expensive.

The results from this study were the focus of a recent webinar organized by GIZ in collaboration with the Energy Ministry of Chile. The webinar held on August 26th presented different approaches to guide jurisdictions to participate in international Carbon Markets without risking their capacity to comply with their NDC targets. The findings of the study were presented by one of the authors, Randall Spalding-Fecher, senior advisor at Carbon Limits. The recording of the webinar and the presentation held are now available.


Access to webinar material: 

All videos and presentations from the webinar series organized by the Chilean Taskforce Interministerial del Artículo 6 and GIZ are available here.


A video recording of the webinar can be viewed below:

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