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The Potential Impact of Transitioning CDM Units and Activities to the Paris Agreement

Photo by Pedro Kummel

Against the backdrop of the upcoming COP26 in Glasgow, where crucial questions on Article 6 are still on the agenda, this webinar will present recent research from the NewClimate Institute and Öko-Institut.

In addition to sharing the independent research findings, the event will include contributions from key Article 6 negotiators and facilitate an open discussion among participants.


  • Introductory remarks from the German Federal Ministry for Environment

Silke Karcher (BMU)

  • Overview of CDM transition elements under consideration

Lambert Schneider (Öko Institut)

  • Credit supply potential under selected scenarios and implications for alignment with Paris goals

Harry Fearnehough (NewClimate Institute)

  • Responses from panellists

Kazuhisa Koakutsu (Ministry of the Environment, Japan) + TBC

  • Q&A
  • Conclusions on further work

Thomas Forth (BMU)

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