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Attribution: A Practical Guide to Navigating the Blending of Climate Finance and Carbon Markets

Photo by Carbon Limits

Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement will require an unprecedented scale of financing for low carbon and climate resilient development. Historically, climate finance and carbon markets have worked almost entirely independently. This landscape is starting to shift, however, both because of the overwhelming need for mobilizing new investment and the need in both carbon markets and climate finance to target larger scale interventions.
With support from the Swedish Energy Agency, a team from Carbon Limits, INFRAS, SEI and Oeko Institute analysed the principles and practical issues of attribution of emission reductions to climate finance and carbon markets. The webinar will cover both the conceptual basis for recommending “proportional attribution” of mitigation outcomes based on grant-equivalent financial contributions, and practical issues such as when and how to conduct attribution analysis, links to independent crediting standards, and identifying the appropriate streams of financing.


Welcome remrks
(Astrid Wigström Westerlind - Swedish Energy Agency)

Presentation of the authors
(Randall Spalding-Fecher, Felix Fallasch - Öko-Institut)

Responses from panelists:
GCF Representative (TBC),
Felipe de Léon Denegri (Costa Rica),
Adam Priban (Environment and Climate Change Canada),
Fenella Aouane (GGGI),
El Hadji Mbaye Diagne (Senegal)

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