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Panel discussion on the Use of Cooperative Approaches to Trigger Transformative Development

Source: Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion

Source: Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion

This side event, organized by the German Environment Agency (UBA) will explore how cooperative approaches can support countries to enhance their NDC and strengthen transformative developments. Two new German projects will be presented. Firstly, the new capacity building project for countries, which have an interest in developing a strategy to use the international carbon market mechanism to increase ambition of the NDC over time. Secondly, an R&D project that aims to classify the transformative potential of activities in order to optimize the design and use of Article 6.  


  • Malin Ahlberg, Deputy Head Division “European Climate and Energy Policy, New Market Mechanisms”- Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)
  • Anne Götzinger, German Environment Agency (UBA)
  • Karen Olsen, UNEP DTU Partnership
  • Axel Michaelowa, Perspectives Climate Group

This event is part of the Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion Series organized by ICAP and IETA

Further Information and Registration: Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion

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