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KliK Webinar on the ITMO procurement process / Americas Edition

The KliK Founda­tion is the Swiss agency tasked to procure the inter­na­tional emissions reduction pledged in Switz­erland’s NDC. To this end, it has established a programme to procure inter­na­tio­nally recognised mitiga­tion outcomes as provided in the Paris Agreement under the term ITMOs.

The foundation has established an inter­active webinar series, through which KliK informs about its processes, shares best practice expe­ri­ence to inspire action, and aims to create a common under­standing of concep­tual elements widely debated in the context of Article 6 coope­ra­tion.

This webinar explains the techni­ca­lities of the ITMO procurement process. It explains this process from the acqui­si­tion of proposals (Mitiga­tion Activity Idea Notes, MAIN) to the deve­lopment of the Mitiga­tion Activity Design Document (MADD).

The webinar is aimed at private orga­ni­sa­tions and government en­tities that want to better under­stand how to submit their proposals, what kind of activities are of interest to the KliK Founda­tion, and how the KliK Founda­tion will be supporting proposals it chooses to preselect.

Further Information: KliK Foundation

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