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KliK Webinar on the experience of governments with Art. 6 cooperation

Coope­ra­tive approaches have now been piloted for over a year, and some countries have engaged in formal nego­tia­tions towards bila­teral agree­ments. Despite considerable efforts, only little has emerged in terms of tangib­le outcomes. It must however be noted that discus­sions mostly take place behind closed doors, with players pointing to the ongoing nego­tia­tion process, the lack of a poli­tical mandate, or the absence of an offi­cial posi­tion regarding coope­ra­tive approaches.

This webinar aims to present the perspective of countries engaged in activities under Article 6.2, giving the floor to trans­ferring countries. What conside­ra­tions guide parti­ci­pa­tion in coope­ra­tive approaches? What condi­tions are required for parti­ci­pa­tion and what are the challenges? Government repre­sen­ta­tives will present their countries’ reflec­tions with a view to informing ongoing discus­sions in other countries.

Further Information: KliK Foundation

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