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IETA & ICC Webinar on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement - Part 2

Photo by on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is organising two webinar events on “Article 6 of the Paris Agreement – What is it and why is it important for business?”. The second webinar event takes place on 19 November, 16:00-17:30 (CET).

Building on notions and insights gained in the previous webinar, this second webinar looks at Article 6 more in detail. In particular, it discusses research and modelling work on the environmental and economic potential of Article 6 and reviews ongoing piloting efforts aimed at implementing Article 6 approaches in the real world. It does so by bringing together a panel of key Article 6 practitioners and researchers from different backgrounds. Presentations and panel discussion are followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience.

Further Information: IETA

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